Why It Is Necessary to Have a Gun Safe

If you don’t think you should have a gun safe, think again. If you own a firearm, of any type, you should definitely consider purchasing a gun safe. What you see in movies and on television isn’t usually reality, however, when you see someone admiring a gun and it accidentally goes off, unfortunately, this is reality for too many unfortunate victims. You may not think this would ever happen to you because you’ve put your gun in a place where no one knows and where your children would never be able to reach. There are tons of scenarios of people who felt the same as you but later they realized they should have taken the extra precaution by purchasing a gun safe. An expert locksmith at KTB Marietta Locksmith in Marietta, GA can advise you of some of the most trusted gun safe brands available today.

Today, we will highlight several reasons why it is necessary to have a gun safe.

  • Protection from fires

If you want to protect your firearm from the devastating damage of a fire, you will need a good fire resistant safe. There are some that can resist some of the highest temperature levels for up to an hour, which will prevent your gun from being damaged. It may surprise you to know how many guns are lost due to intentional or accidental fires.


  • Keep away from children

There are some who would reason that they do not need to buy a gun safe because they don’t have children. The thing is that you may have someone over to your place who does have kids. It would be simply tragic if someone else’s child were to get a hold of your gun and harmed themselves or someone else. Thousands of children are harmed annually due to gunfire. Help to minimize the statistics by investing in a gun safe.


  • Avoid being stolen

A burglar wants things to be easy for them. They will snatch the things they can get their hands on the fastest. If you have your gun in a safe, they will likely pass it up because they can’t figure out how to get the contents out. Also, it would take them far too long to get it out. If you don’t want your firearm used in a homicide, keep it in a durable safe. Some people don’t want to keep it in safe because it may be an old firearm that they keep as a souvenir. While anyone could certainly understand that we love to remember certain times in our life, there are also those that we hope to forget. If someone steals your gun, just consider that something could occur, which could be prevented. You wouldn’t want this on your conscience. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Rather, do yourself a favor and keep a photo of the gun on display instead.


  • Comply with ‘Child Access Prevention Laws’

This law was brought forth in 1989 and imposed by several states as law. It forces gun owners to lock their firearms in a place where children can’t have access to them, like a safe. It is mandatory that they purchase something that will not give children easy access to the firearm. The most logical thing to purchase would be a gun safe, stored far away from the reach of children of any age.


  • Store other valuables

You can get additional value for your money when you have a gun safe. Since some are fireproof, some people have decided that the gun safe is also a great place to store their expensive jewelry and other important personal items.


  • Immediate access

If you buy a gun safe, while you would certainly want to keep it somewhere that children will not be able to reach, you also want to make sure you keep it in a location that is easy to access whenever intruders enter your home or business. Since it is easy to misplace or lose a key, those with combination locks are the easiest to access because they offer you immediate access. Some even come with fingerprint recognition.


  • Complies with ‘Firearm Locking Device Laws’

In some states, it is the law that if you own any type of firearms, it has to be locked away. This applies to people with or without children in the home. This keeps the firearm in one central location, the safe.


  • Prevent a lawsuit from being filed

If someone should happen to break-into your home and something occurs with your firearm, you have proof that you took the necessary steps to insure that your firearm was safely stored away. This prevents lawyers from filing suit against you. Without a gun safe, you could be facing some serious charges even if you didn’t commit the crime.


  • Decorative safes

Some homeowners do not want others to know they own a home. Safe manufacturers have made it easy to disguise your safe by designing more decorative style safes. In addition to offering you the level of security you need, your gun safe could actually serve as a decorative accent piece in your home.


  • Tax write-off

Believe it or not, there are some states that offer a tax credit to anyone who purchases a gun safe. Some states, such as Massachusetts and New Jersey do not charge taxes on the purchase of a gun safe. This is just another incentive for your buying a gun safe.


While no one can predict the future, it is the wise thing to do by taking certain precautions. If you stop to consider what could happen if someone were to get a hold of your firearm and your involvement in their doing so, it should seriously compel you to do your part in remaining safe. Not only keeping yourself safe, but it should be done to keep others safe around you, who could be affected by gun shot wounds or injuries caused by your gun. If you think you are responsible enough to own a gun, go a step further in being responsible by purchasing a good, durable gun safe to keep yourself and others safe.


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