Various kinds of locks

Do an image search for locks and you’ll get all kinds of pictures; padlocks, door knob locks, combination locks, diary locks, discus locks, deadbolts, luggage locks, cylinder locks, mortise locks and dozens more! Obviously locks and keys work, and work well, or we wouldn’t use them to secure your valuables like we do. Humans have been using some form of locking technology for literally thousands of years; in fact, the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs were locked as were temples, shops and even private homes. Today, we use locks for everything from securing our desk drawers to sealing private financial records and everything in between.

KTB Marietta Locksmith offers this synopsis of lock types to familiarize you with the hardware available in today’s market. We invite you to call us or your favorite local Marietta, GA locksmith shop for additional details or for professionally done repair or installation assistance to secure your valuables and property.


Padlocks are one of the most commonly found and popular forms of locks. If you’ve ever locked your storage room, bicycle or backyard shed, you’ve used a padlock. A good part of their popularity stems from the fact that padlocks are portable and can be used in hundreds of different locking situations. Padlocks are also inexpensive, sold everywhere and very easy to use. You can open a padlock with either a key or a numbered combination and can be used for locking everything from a tiny jewelry box or diary to a large warehouse door or industrial locker. The only problem with padlocks is that they are only reasonably secure and can be broken with a hammer or pried open with a crowbar.

Deadbolt locks

Another common and very popular form of lock hardware is the deadbolt lock. Unlike padlocks, deadbolt locks are always built-in. You can find them in doors all over the Marietta, GA metro area as well as throughout the country. Deadbolts are affordable, easy to install and quite durable. They are available in single and double cylinder models and you can greatly lessen your chances of burglary or home invasions by simply adding one of these sturdy locks to your door. A deadbolt offers a second line of defense against unwanted intruders. The vast majority of crooks and burglars will give up and move on rather than pick your main lock and then tackle your deadbolt, too. They want “easy pickings” and do not want to waste valuable time trying to access your deadbolt while you are inside calling the police or arming yourself for a confrontation with them.

High security locks

Just like the name implies, these locks offer better lock protection as they are better built and nearly impossible to bypass! Here at KTB Marietta Locksmith we install high security locks on both home and business locations so don’t hesitate to call us or your favorite Marietta, GA lock and key professionals to add them to your property. Unlike ordinary locks that are usually made of hollow tin, high security locks are made of solid brass so they are much sturdier. They also use an interlocking bolt that prevents them from being pried or forced open by a screwdriver or crowbar. You can’t drill these locks open, either! They have steel inserts that are strategically placed inside the lock that prevents them from being drilled open. A metal cover secures the entire lock so that objects can’t be slipped between the lock and the door in an effort to manipulate it open that way. Does it sound like they’ve thought of everything? They have! You can’t pick open, pry open or even blast open a high security lock so needless to say, the confidence they inspire is huge. You’d think that high security locks would be massively expensive but they are surprisingly affordable.

The best lock brands

There are many lock brands that meet our high standards of approval. You don’t have to purchase your locks from our local shop but you should keep these names in mind when looking for lock hardware for your home, auto or business. These trusted national brands include: Medeco, Baldwin, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, Llco, Primus, Schlage, Yale, Falcon, Kwikset, Sentex, Sentry, Master and many others.

Mortise locks

Mortise is a word that means recessed as these locks are usually found recessed inside residential front doors. This is just the opposite of locks that are installed on the surface of the doors. Recessing gives the lock added security and that accounts for their huge popularity. Your door needs to be at least 2 inches thick in order to recess the lock inside of it. You can open a mortise lock from the inside by turning the handle and unlock them from the outside by inserting your key and pushing down on the handle. You may need the help of a real locksmith to install these locks as they are tricky to “do-it-yourself” but they are worth the expense and the trouble.

Keyless locks

How can you have a lock without a key? Easy; just use keyless locks! These can be found in cars, homes, businesses, institutional and even government applications. Instead of having to juggle a whole roster of keys, you just enter a number sequence into a keypad or swipe a magnetic card and you are good to go!

Keyless locks can even be used with biometric technology that uses thumbprints to access an area or item like jewelry cases, safes, restricted areas of buildings, bank vaults, even iPhones! If a staff member is promoted or terminated, the key code is changed to reflect that resulting in better control over building access or record keeping.

There are many, many more types of locks. We encourage you to find the best ones for your particular needs by doing additional research or calling a certified and experienced Marietta, GA locksmith shop that offers full service, 24-hour mobile assistance. The right lock hardware can add peace of mind as well as greater security and protection for you and your loved ones and close associates!


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