Measures to Take for Better Residential Security

The design of your home might dictate the type of security that you invest in for your home. No one knows better than the locksmiths of KTB Marietta Locksmith in Marietta, GA just how important this is. You might experience more break-ins because of the way your home is designed. This means that you need to be made aware of the type of security features will work best for your situation. A qualified locksmith can certainly help explain the various types of features that will work best for your home security. While you can always call a security company to come and install some high tech gadgets that cost you an arm and a leg, you could pay a lot less and achieve the same things by calling on the services of your local locksmith. 

 Effective Residential Security Measures 

 Security System 

 Almost everyone has a security system these days. Do you know why this is? Simply put, more of them are being offered at prices that everyone can afford, no matter their budget. Even if you don’t think you’ll remember to set the alarm upon leaving your house, just having one installed with a sign displayed outside is a deterrent for some intruders. An intruder has absolutely no way of knowing whether or not your alarm has been set. The one thing is for sure, most intruders are reluctant to breaking into a home when they have no way of knowing if the alarm is set or not. Even if you do not have the monitoring service that is offered when you purchase a security system, you will still benefit from having a security system in your home. 

 Set the Alarm 

 As stated above, you will still be able to benefit from having a security system even when the alarm isn’t set. However, you stand an even better chance of avoiding a home invasion once the alarm has been set. This is important in case the intruder has made their way to your door or window without seeing the security signage. If they attempt to break in the alarm will scare them off and alert the appropriate authorities. You may want to devise a plan to remember to set your alarm when you go to bed at night or when you will be away from home.

High Security Locks 

 This is another option that will not break the bank. Have high security locks installed on all of the exterior doors of your home, this would also include the garage door if you have one that leads from the garage into your home. Don’t take unnecessary chances with any type of lock. Some likes are only good for keeping the door closed and not for security. A high security lock is made of better quality material and is less likely to be compromised. A burglar is not willing to take the time to figure out how to break into these types of locks. They have other houses they need to get to. Remember, an intruder is always looking for the home that is going to allow them to get in quickly and leave just as fast. A high security lock is a little more expensive than your average lock but they are well worth the expense because they do the job they are intended to do. They also give homeowners peace-of-mind.


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If it’s ever happened to you; you know what a hassle it is! You grab your keys and head for your car. You have plans and the car will help you accomplish those plans. You just have to go there. But how can you when the ignition key gets stuck? If this has never happened to you; it will. KTB Marietta Locksmith often gets calls relating to this subject. That’s why we’ve made this post; hopefully it will be helpful the next time this odd even happens!

Now what?

Your key is stuck in the ignition; now what? How are you supposed to go about your business, or your day? You need your key out of there in order to lock the vehicle. You can’t drive anywhere to get it fixed because the key is stuck and not moving. What do you do? If you try and force it, the key may break and then you have two problems to face; a stuck key and a broken off part to remove!

Take a breath!

That’s right; breathe in deeply and relax a bit. We’re serious! If you panic, you make judgement calls that may not be good. Why stress yourself out if you don’t have to? Here in Marietta, GA there are lots of things to do and places to go. You most likely had a busy and event packed day planned. Good news – you can still do those things! While many people would panic and call for emergency help, you most likely won’t need to do that. Sure, an automotive locksmith in Marietta, GA sounds like a great solution, but what if you don’t need to call one?

Did you take that much needed deep breath? Good – now put on your parking brake! This does two things. It gets you busy and productive. It also helps to keep your car from rolling forward or backward while you work on getting you key loose.

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If you have a public commercial building of any kind, then you’re probably aware that your facility is required to have “panic hardware” to follow the law to provide proper egress and ingress in case of emergency. A panic bar is a push bar that has to be installed on each exit door, which allows people to leave in a big hurry. An unobstructed and uninterrupted departure path to a place of safety is also required. These doors are normally needed in restaurants, taverns, schools, malls, and other public spaces. It’s vital that you obey the law when it comes to protecting everyone in your commercial facility. If you aren’t up to code, you won’t pass inspection and you’ll be closed down. When you install these critical devices, you’ll be guarding the safety of every occupant ~ customer, visitor, and personnel alike.

Panic bars will prevent entry from the opposite side of the door. On the inside, they ensure a quick exit in an emergency. A panic bar locking only from the outside is permitted on an exit discharge door. Generally, rooms with electrical equipment must include fire exit hardware or panic hardware that allows a professional technician to get out if there’s a fire or explosion.

Panic hardware consists of a latching device, with a crossbar or touchpad spanning across at least half of the door’s width, which releases the latch when pushed. Panic hardware is also called an “exit device” or “crash bar”; for fire doors, it’s referred to as “fire exit hardware.” This dedicated hardware is used where the code requires that you make it possible for a large number of people to make a fast exit, and it also provides increased durability.

When you install panic hardware on balanced doors, a touchpad-style device must be used. The touchpad ought not to extend more than halfway across the door. Code requirements usually prohibit the installation of any other sort of lock on a door with panic hardware, except for electromagnetic locks released by a switch or sensor. At all times, anybody who has to leave has to be capable of getting an exit route door open from the inside ~ without having to use any keys or tools, and without knowledge of any specialized information.

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KTB Marietta Locksmith: Benefits of Keyless Entry System

Forgetting minor details can definitely happen with all of the big things we have to remember every single day. Think about the list of things you have to remember – anniversaries, schedules, projects, deadlines and so much more. With all of the pieces of information that we store in our brains, it can be so easy to make minor mistakes, like misplacing keys. Because this is a fairly common thing that happens, the team at KTB Marietta Locksmith has provided information about keyless entry systems and why they are beneficial. You don’t have to be living in Marietta, GA to benefit from this information. Whether you are tired of having multiple keys to carry around on your keyring, or just want to stay up to date as it relates to technology, you will likely be interested in hearing more about keyless entry systems and why they are becoming so popular. Here, we will start with the basics, like what a keyless entry system actually is. Read on for everything you want to know!

Keyless Entry: What Is It?

A keyless entry system grants a person access to get into a property without the use of a key. When it comes to cars, typically a person can get in using a remote or by means of buttons which are on the car door. In a nutshell, keyless entry means that you have a way to get into a property, without a physical key that you have to carry around. Some of these systems use fingerprints. Other systems use a code. There are different options available, and it is a wise idea to get on the phone with an expert so that you can learn more about what might work best for you.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Go Keyless

Above all, when you decide to use keyless entry to get into a property without using a key, you no longer have to worry about carrying around an extra key. This translates to you not having to worry about potentially losing the key – if the key doesn’t exist, then it is one less thing to keep track of and carry around. Sure, it might seem like one small key isn’t much, but when you have one for your storage unit, one for your gym, one for work, and so on and so forth, you end up with a lot to worry about. Actually, if your key ring is too heavy it can end up damaging your ignition cylinder. With keyless entry, these are concerns which are eliminated.

Automotive Keyless Entry

Keyless entry helps to prevent cars from getting stolen because even criminals know that keyless entry makes it more of a challenge to steal a vehicle. If you have a transmitter fob that is connected with a unique code, a criminal shouldn’t be able to figure it out. They won’t be able to start the car’s engine. If a criminal is attempting to use the wrong code, the system might make it so that the ignition circuit is completely disabled.

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Don’t Ever Lock Yourself Out of Your Car Again

You might be prone to locking your car keys in the car. If you are, this article is for you. Even if you’re not prone to doing this, there may come a time when you unknowingly, lock your keys in the car. By reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to avoid doing this. This is a problem that can really frustrate and upset a person. When you’re in a hurry, locking your keys in the car is rather easy to do. If it hasn’t happened to you you’re usually even more upset because their isn’t anyone to blame but yourself. This means you’re not only frustrated and irritated but the more you realize that it was your fault; you become upset. However, you can avoid this from happening to you if you take heed to some of the things we have to share with you at KTB Marietta Locksmith in Marietta, GA. We just happen to receive most service calls related to keys being locked in the car. This means that if it happens to you, you can be sure that it is also happening to someone else at the same time. The information that we are offering to you isn’t just so that you can have the knowledge but so that you can actually do something with it. By implementing some of our suggestions, you’re able to avoid the misfortune of locking your keys in the car. While we certainly do not have a problem servicing you whenever you lock your keys in the car, we also do not mind telling you how you can avoid this problem from the start. So many of our customers tell us just how much they knew this then and they could have avoided the level of frustration experienced due to this incident. This information we’re offering to you is absolutely free. So we would highly suggest that you take full advantage of what we have to share.

Here are just a few of things you can start doing today in order to ensure that you do not lock your keys in the car:

Develop a routine every time you exit your car

One of the things that many motorists try to implement is something that they do every single time they get out of the car. It can be something as simple as looking down to make sure the keys are no longer in the ignition and that you see them in your hands or handbag. Once you’ve identified that you have your keys then you can proceed to getting out of the car. The objective in doing this is to create a routine that will enable you to remember to remove your keys from the ignition. If you develop a routine, the moment something doesn’t feel quit right, you will realize that you didn’t see your keys. This is a proven effective way of to remember to remove your car keys from the ignition.

Have Locks Replaced Right Away

If you are using a key with a damaged lock, you will find yourself ultimately locked out of your car because the key no longer fits the lock. This is why we suggest that as soon as you start to have problems with your lock that you have the locks replaced. The problem only gets worse when you continue to try to use the key in the lock; it eventually damages the key and you can no longer use the key to get inside your car. The only way to ensure that you’re not locked out is to make sure you have your car locks replaces as soon as possible. It may cost you a little money to take care of this but wouldn’t you rather have the locks replaced rather than unexpectedly find yourself locked out of your car. Don’t put it off another day; act now!

Don’t Continue to Duplicate Your Car Keys

If you’re going to have spare keys made for your car, always use the original car key. Our professional locksmiths will always encourage motorists to invest in spare keys for events such as this. When you are having spare keys made, it is probably best to ask for a set of spare keys when your first buy your car. This ensures that the key being used is the original car key. The more frequently you have your key duplicate the further from the original key the cut will be. This means that the keys that you are now having may, might not work for your car.

Invest in Spare Keys

You wouldn’t think that we would have to even say this but it is true, not every motorist has spare car keys. When you don’t have a spare key and you lock your keys in the car, you’ll be locked out far longer than you have to be. When you have a spare key, you will always have a way to gain access back into your car. If you don’t already have a spare key, what are you waiting for? One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they put their spare keys on their key chains. It doesn’t’ make sense to put your keys on the same keychain with the rest of your keys considering you may lock them all in the car. Give a close friend or family member your spare key so that you can have it when you need it.

When to Remove Your Keys

It is probably best to only remove your keys when you’re either headed to your car or standing directly in front of the car. It is very easy to take your keys out and lay them down. Someone may even turn around and pick up your keys, thinking they are their keys. Keep them in your pocket or handbag until you are walking toward your car to prevent leaving them anywhere and being locked out.

Various kinds of locks

Do an image search for locks and you’ll get all kinds of pictures; padlocks, door knob locks, combination locks, diary locks, discus locks, deadbolts, luggage locks, cylinder locks, mortise locks and dozens more! Obviously locks and keys work, and work well, or we wouldn’t use them to secure your valuables like we do. Humans have been using some form of locking technology for literally thousands of years; in fact, the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs were locked as were temples, shops and even private homes. Today, we use locks for everything from securing our desk drawers to sealing private financial records and everything in between.

KTB Marietta Locksmith offers this synopsis of lock types to familiarize you with the hardware available in today’s market. We invite you to call us or your favorite local Marietta, GA locksmith shop for additional details or for professionally done repair or installation assistance to secure your valuables and property.


Padlocks are one of the most commonly found and popular forms of locks. If you’ve ever locked your storage room, bicycle or backyard shed, you’ve used a padlock. A good part of their popularity stems from the fact that padlocks are portable and can be used in hundreds of different locking situations. Padlocks are also inexpensive, sold everywhere and very easy to use. You can open a padlock with either a key or a numbered combination and can be used for locking everything from a tiny jewelry box or diary to a large warehouse door or industrial locker. The only problem with padlocks is that they are only reasonably secure and can be broken with a hammer or pried open with a crowbar.

Deadbolt locks

Another common and very popular form of lock hardware is the deadbolt lock. Unlike padlocks, deadbolt locks are always built-in. You can find them in doors all over the Marietta, GA metro area as well as throughout the country. Deadbolts are affordable, easy to install and quite durable. They are available in single and double cylinder models and you can greatly lessen your chances of burglary or home invasions by simply adding one of these sturdy locks to your door. A deadbolt offers a second line of defense against unwanted intruders. The vast majority of crooks and burglars will give up and move on rather than pick your main lock and then tackle your deadbolt, too. They want “easy pickings” and do not want to waste valuable time trying to access your deadbolt while you are inside calling the police or arming yourself for a confrontation with them.

High security locks

Just like the name implies, these locks offer better lock protection as they are better built and nearly impossible to bypass! Here at KTB Marietta Locksmith we install high security locks on both home and business locations so don’t hesitate to call us or your favorite Marietta, GA lock and key professionals to add them to your property. Unlike ordinary locks that are usually made of hollow tin, high security locks are made of solid brass so they are much sturdier. They also use an interlocking bolt that prevents them from being pried or forced open by a screwdriver or crowbar. You can’t drill these locks open, either! They have steel inserts that are strategically placed inside the lock that prevents them from being drilled open. A metal cover secures the entire lock so that objects can’t be slipped between the lock and the door in an effort to manipulate it open that way. Does it sound like they’ve thought of everything? They have! You can’t pick open, pry open or even blast open a high security lock so needless to say, the confidence they inspire is huge. You’d think that high security locks would be massively expensive but they are surprisingly affordable.

The best lock brands

There are many lock brands that meet our high standards of approval. You don’t have to purchase your locks from our local shop but you should keep these names in mind when looking for lock hardware for your home, auto or business. These trusted national brands include: Medeco, Baldwin, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, Llco, Primus, Schlage, Yale, Falcon, Kwikset, Sentex, Sentry, Master and many others.

Mortise locks

Mortise is a word that means recessed as these locks are usually found recessed inside residential front doors. This is just the opposite of locks that are installed on the surface of the doors. Recessing gives the lock added security and that accounts for their huge popularity. Your door needs to be at least 2 inches thick in order to recess the lock inside of it. You can open a mortise lock from the inside by turning the handle and unlock them from the outside by inserting your key and pushing down on the handle. You may need the help of a real locksmith to install these locks as they are tricky to “do-it-yourself” but they are worth the expense and the trouble.

Keyless locks

How can you have a lock without a key? Easy; just use keyless locks! These can be found in cars, homes, businesses, institutional and even government applications. Instead of having to juggle a whole roster of keys, you just enter a number sequence into a keypad or swipe a magnetic card and you are good to go!

Keyless locks can even be used with biometric technology that uses thumbprints to access an area or item like jewelry cases, safes, restricted areas of buildings, bank vaults, even iPhones! If a staff member is promoted or terminated, the key code is changed to reflect that resulting in better control over building access or record keeping.

There are many, many more types of locks. We encourage you to find the best ones for your particular needs by doing additional research or calling a certified and experienced Marietta, GA locksmith shop that offers full service, 24-hour mobile assistance. The right lock hardware can add peace of mind as well as greater security and protection for you and your loved ones and close associates!


Losing your car keys has become much more complicated than it used to be since the 1990s, before computer chips. Back in the day, you could easily get a spare key duplicated at any locksmith, hardware store, or at least at the dealership. A standard car key, with its unique grooves and cuts, used to be like a house key, which you could copy for very little money.

The drawback to this kind of car key obviously was that because it wasn’t hard to copy, and it was also a piece of cake for a car thief to steal your vehicle. Because of modern advances in transponder key technology, automobiles are much more difficult to steal nowadays. Without a doubt, a transponder key, even though it is more expensive, is worth the peace of mind it gives you.

But what should you do if you misplace your transponder key?

What’s the type of transponder key that you’ve lost?

Inside a transponder key’s plastic head is a transponder chip, which emits a particular signal, which goes to a receiver in your automobile, instructing it to start. The main difference between a transponder key and an old-fashioned basic key is that the chip in your transponder key must be programmed. For most cars today, an electronic key fob (also called your remote) is an integral component to your key set. It’s important to guard your transponder key, because, depending on the automaker and the complexity level of its design, the replacement of your electronic fob can be quite expensive. First, the fob has to be properly programmed. Some dealerships will do it for free, but most will charge a lot.

For some vehicles, the transponder key and the fob are an all-in-one unit. Also known as a laser-cut key, the shank is a bit thicker, and has fewer carved-out grooves. Laser-cut keys are sometimes called “sidewinder” keys, because of the winding-shaped cut on its shank. The laser-cut key’s built-in transponder chip must be programmed. It’s more difficult to get a spare key made anywhere except at your dealership. Although it’s more costly, at least your car is more secure.

A switchblade key is another sort of key with a transponder chip inside. A switchblade key has a shank, which folds into the fob whenever not in use. Press a button and it pops out. This key has either a laser cut or a regular cut. One advantage of the switchblade key is that the parts are available separately. If you’ve truly lost your key, then you’ll need to program both components.

A smart key is not really a key in the usual sense of the word. In fact, it’s just a fob. You either insert into the dash, or you keep it on your belt buckle, or in your purse or pocket. When you’re in the driver’s seat, you can start or stop your car just by pressing a button. A smart key is highly secure, because it has rolling security codes, which means it’s continually randomizing the correct code, a remarkable feature that stops a potential car thief from hacking it using a code grabber. You can replace your smart key at the dealership.


One measure you can take to gain access to your vehicle is that you can order just the basic key only, but not the transmitter. This costs less, and you’ll at least have a key that will get you in your car. This comes in handy if you ever lock your car keys inside the car. The programming element, which does the remote unlocking and locking, is essentially a luxury, since it’s not vital for gaining entry and driving your vehicle. You can program this part yourself by following the owner’s manual’s instructions, or you can hire a professional automotive locksmith to do it for you.

Make a spare key.

Are you always losing your keys, and squabbling with your teenager or your spouse about who lost whose keys? Save money on transponder key programming when you make a third spare key. If you already have two keys, a lot of automobile makes and models will allow you to program a third key by yourself. You can hire a professional locksmith to cut the third key for you, and then, if you like, you can follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to program it yourself.

The following three-step procedure works on a good number of American-made vehicles. But before you spend your money, check with the dealership or with a local automotive locksmith to find out if it will work with your specific vehicle. If you’re located in Marietta, Georgia, consult with an automotive locksmith specialist, such as the mobile technicians on staff at KTB Marietta Locksmith.

  1. Insert one of your two working keys, and turn the ignition to the “on” position for at least 3 seconds (without starting the car).
  2. Now do the same with your second key.
  3. Finally, insert the new third key, and again turn it to the “on” position for another 3 seconds. This will effectively program your extra key.

Don’t lose your transponder key again!

Any way you look at it, a transponder key is expensive. The best defense against losing it again is to be prepared ahead of time. Do you have only one car key? It’s so much better to have a backup spare key made now, than to stress over it later, when you’ll end up spending more money than you wanted to, in what will probably be an urgent situation. Don’t tempt fate!

Wherever you choose to program your transponder key, you’ll need:

  • proof that you’re the actual owner, with two forms of identification
  • your vehicle’s chassis number
  • the unique code from the automobile manufacturer’s original code card, which came with the vehicle

If you don’t have that code, there are automotive locksmith experts who will do the necessary reprogramming to get you right back on the road again. A trustworthy professional will be qualified to assist you, typically at a lower price than what the dealership will charge.

KTB Marietta Locksmith: What You Need To Know About Access Control

If you own a property, whether it is a home or business property, you might have thought about restricting access to certain people. KTB Marietta Locksmith is a professional business that serves the Marietta, Georgia area but the advice and information that they have offered is being taken advantage of by people in various locations. This is a company that understands what customers want. They understand the importance of protecting a property, and making sure that not just anyone is able to get into a place. Here, you will find information about access control and why it is beneficial. But first, have a look at this brief story from a business owner who decided to take advantage of access control for his property…

“I own a property near Marietta, GA. Every single day, I have hundreds of customers come in and out of my warehouse. It can be difficult to keep track of everyone, even with the use of security cameras. I do have different managers who work for me, but I would have to spend a tremendous amount of money to hire enough people to be able to stand at all of the different points of my property. With the number of employees I have, it got to the point of being unrealistic to keep creating key copies. It got to the point of being a challenge to keep track of who has keys to certain sections of the property, and it got to the point that I was worrying about how easy it would be to make a copy of these keys. I decided to get in touch with an expert about access control because I had a little bit of background knowledge about it and how it worked, and I thought it might be something useful for me. I couldn’t have been more spot on. Access control meant that I could restrict access to certain points of my property to specific people. I was able to restrict access to people I knew I could trust. Giving them a code meant not having to worry about keeping track of keys. I know that another option is to use fingerprint technology, but for now, a code works just fine for me. Another cool thing about restricting access by means of keyless technology is that I can see when someone is entering and leaving certain rooms. I’m able to pull up the activity and see it for myself. For me, this beats having security cameras, albeit I do find them useful, because I have a physical track record of where my employees are. I highly recommend access control to anyone who owns a business property, especially one that is bigger in size or that houses confidential documents and items.”

Clearly, access control comes as a highly recommended solution. It isn’t only important for preventing theft, though. It can also be important for safety reasons. In any given commercial property, there tends to be a great deal of foot traffic in any given day. Therefore, if an item were to be stolen, it might be hard to identify exactly who was in the room at the time the item was stolen, but with access control, it is easier to keep track of people. Access control works by granting access to a specific area thanks to a key card which might be magnetic, fingerprints, or even a coded keypad. A property owner can call a locksmith in their area to ask for more information about this security solution. Access control could also be utilized by homeowners. It isn’t just for commercial property owners although it tends to be quite popular as a service for businesses.

Here are the steps involved in access control:

  1. A person must be able to be identified as one that should be allowed access to a certain part of a property.
  2. Identification must be verified. A person might be able to access a specific part of a property using their finger, a card or even an encryption key.
  3. Authorization. There are certain permissions that will be connected to a code or username.

Learn more to keep your belongings protected!

Anyone can learn more about access control by doing a search online or they might find it easier to get in touch with a lock and security provider in their area that specializes in this unique service. While it is something unique, it is becoming incredibly popular, and many major businesses use some form of access control to keep their property protected. They might want to only allow certain people into different parts of their property where important documentation is, or parts of their property might be potentially hazardous, therefore, not just anyone should be able to enter. To sum it up…access control allows you to restrict access to certain individuals; access control allows you to keep track of who is entering or leaving your property; and access control can help in terms of preventing theft and even hazardous situations from taking place.

This information is useful to people all over the country, not just in Marietta, Georgia, of course. It is important to take steps to take care of your property, especially if you have many people coming and going on a day to day basis. You can’t have eyes everywhere, and with access control, you don’t have to. You likely can’t afford to have security guards standing at every single corner. There are numerous features and solutions that can be taken advantage of, which are affordable, from keyless entry systems and intercom systems to brand new locks and even deadbolts when it comes to keeping unwanted persons out. Make sure that you keep security and loss prevention at the top of your list of things to pay attention to, as you don’t want to have items stolen or anyone injured because access to certain areas was not restricted.

Why It Is Necessary to Have a Gun Safe

If you don’t think you should have a gun safe, think again. If you own a firearm, of any type, you should definitely consider purchasing a gun safe. What you see in movies and on television isn’t usually reality, however, when you see someone admiring a gun and it accidentally goes off, unfortunately, this is reality for too many unfortunate victims. You may not think this would ever happen to you because you’ve put your gun in a place where no one knows and where your children would never be able to reach. There are tons of scenarios of people who felt the same as you but later they realized they should have taken the extra precaution by purchasing a gun safe. An expert locksmith at KTB Marietta Locksmith in Marietta, GA can advise you of some of the most trusted gun safe brands available today.

Today, we will highlight several reasons why it is necessary to have a gun safe.

  • Protection from fires

If you want to protect your firearm from the devastating damage of a fire, you will need a good fire resistant safe. There are some that can resist some of the highest temperature levels for up to an hour, which will prevent your gun from being damaged. It may surprise you to know how many guns are lost due to intentional or accidental fires.


  • Keep away from children

There are some who would reason that they do not need to buy a gun safe because they don’t have children. The thing is that you may have someone over to your place who does have kids. It would be simply tragic if someone else’s child were to get a hold of your gun and harmed themselves or someone else. Thousands of children are harmed annually due to gunfire. Help to minimize the statistics by investing in a gun safe.


  • Avoid being stolen

A burglar wants things to be easy for them. They will snatch the things they can get their hands on the fastest. If you have your gun in a safe, they will likely pass it up because they can’t figure out how to get the contents out. Also, it would take them far too long to get it out. If you don’t want your firearm used in a homicide, keep it in a durable safe. Some people don’t want to keep it in safe because it may be an old firearm that they keep as a souvenir. While anyone could certainly understand that we love to remember certain times in our life, there are also those that we hope to forget. If someone steals your gun, just consider that something could occur, which could be prevented. You wouldn’t want this on your conscience. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Rather, do yourself a favor and keep a photo of the gun on display instead.


  • Comply with ‘Child Access Prevention Laws’

This law was brought forth in 1989 and imposed by several states as law. It forces gun owners to lock their firearms in a place where children can’t have access to them, like a safe. It is mandatory that they purchase something that will not give children easy access to the firearm. The most logical thing to purchase would be a gun safe, stored far away from the reach of children of any age.


  • Store other valuables

You can get additional value for your money when you have a gun safe. Since some are fireproof, some people have decided that the gun safe is also a great place to store their expensive jewelry and other important personal items.


  • Immediate access

If you buy a gun safe, while you would certainly want to keep it somewhere that children will not be able to reach, you also want to make sure you keep it in a location that is easy to access whenever intruders enter your home or business. Since it is easy to misplace or lose a key, those with combination locks are the easiest to access because they offer you immediate access. Some even come with fingerprint recognition.


  • Complies with ‘Firearm Locking Device Laws’

In some states, it is the law that if you own any type of firearms, it has to be locked away. This applies to people with or without children in the home. This keeps the firearm in one central location, the safe.


  • Prevent a lawsuit from being filed

If someone should happen to break-into your home and something occurs with your firearm, you have proof that you took the necessary steps to insure that your firearm was safely stored away. This prevents lawyers from filing suit against you. Without a gun safe, you could be facing some serious charges even if you didn’t commit the crime.


  • Decorative safes

Some homeowners do not want others to know they own a home. Safe manufacturers have made it easy to disguise your safe by designing more decorative style safes. In addition to offering you the level of security you need, your gun safe could actually serve as a decorative accent piece in your home.


  • Tax write-off

Believe it or not, there are some states that offer a tax credit to anyone who purchases a gun safe. Some states, such as Massachusetts and New Jersey do not charge taxes on the purchase of a gun safe. This is just another incentive for your buying a gun safe.


While no one can predict the future, it is the wise thing to do by taking certain precautions. If you stop to consider what could happen if someone were to get a hold of your firearm and your involvement in their doing so, it should seriously compel you to do your part in remaining safe. Not only keeping yourself safe, but it should be done to keep others safe around you, who could be affected by gun shot wounds or injuries caused by your gun. If you think you are responsible enough to own a gun, go a step further in being responsible by purchasing a good, durable gun safe to keep yourself and others safe.

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