Garage Door Locks – additional security for your garage!

Locks for your garage door? Yep! These great locks are not only available; they are affordable and can make a big difference in your security situation. They work for both home and business garage doors and by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll probably want some!

You may be thinking; what’s inside my Marietta, GA garage that anyone would want? You’d be surprised! Take a look around your garage interior and what do you see? Grab your calculator and add up what you’ve spent on your cars, bicycles, lawn mowers, ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) motorcycles, golf carts and lots more! All of the above is just transportation; now what about the rest?

Wait; there’s more!

Just like the commercials say, “there’s more!” Add up other costly items like water heaters, water softener system, garden supplies, benches, tools, shelves, storage cabinets, boxed items and who knows what else? For a burglar; gaining access to your garage’s interior is like sending a child to Disneyland! They not only get immediate access to your property but they can also gain entry to your home via the enclosed privacy of your garage! Many people don’t lock the interior door leading from the garage into the house itself – they trust their garage door to act as a security barrier that can prevent unwanted entry. What they DON’T count on is someone prying your garage door open and then shutting it after getting inside. They cover any windows, flip on the light and are now free to walk into your home or at least pick the lock on the door in privacy.

What Can You Do?

Actually, there is a lot you can do to protect your property! Start by making it harder for crooks to gain access to your home or business interior. You can add a porch light or one over your front door or garage entrance. For a few pennies more you can get motion sensitive lights that turn on when there is movement. While this doesn’t guarantee your protection, lights like these go a long way in showing would-be crooks that you are at least being cautious.

Next, trim hedges, tree branches and bushes on your property. Many a crime has taken place after the victims were watched by someone hiding behind shrubbery or foliage that gave them perfect opportunities to observe their comings and goings.

Garage Door Locks

Here at Marietta Locksmith we recommend that you consider adding locks to your garage door. Start by going online and doing some research. Check with local Marietta, GA lock shops and home improvement stores. Ask questions. Check reviews. Inquire about installation costs and warranties. If you start to think that getting locks for your garage door is a needless expense, go back to your calculator and see what you added up in the way of tools, vehicles and other valuables stored inside – you’ll see that a few simple locks are certainly worth it!

Ask Questions!

Marietta Locksmith offers free consultations along with free price quotes on all products and services. Many other lock and key shops do too, so don’t be shy – ask questions about pricing, installations and usage of your garage door locks. YouTube has dozens of videos on the subject and you can get valuable tips on purchasing, do it yourself installations and user experiences by simply watching a few videos. Home improvement stores, your local Craigslist, and online stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon also can be a wealth of knowledge and purchase options.

The Best Garage Door Locks

The best locks for your garage door are the ones that fit your garage door system including opener unit, alarm system and remote control. Be sure that your closer has a safety device that allows it to stop and reverse course if anything or anyone gets in the way of its closing. Be sure to check if the garage door lock you like can be used with an opener system as some are specifically designed for roll ups and tilt ups not operated by an automatic opener. A garage door T-Bar lock is a very common type of lock. It requires the operator to use a key to turn the handle, thereby unlocking the door. Please be aware that these are only for garage doors that open upward toward the roof. There are also cylinder garage door locks that are slightly higher in price but stronger and offer greater lock protection. For those that don’t want to spend a lot on garage door locks, you can opt for a padlock option that makes use of a small metal box that attaches to the side of the garage door. It makes use of a slide handle that slides through the track and locks it down with the addition of the padlock. Be aware that once the padlock is put into place and locked, you cannot open the garage door from the inside or outside without using your key or entering the right combination first to unlock it. Be warned – don’t attempt to use your opener unit once the slide lock is in place and locked; you are in for some damage if you do!

More Tips

If possible, try and get recessed handles on your garage door. You know the ones; they are released when rotated. Burglars hate these locks as they are recessed when locked and are much harder to smash off or pry off using a crowbar as the handle is indeed recessed.

Does your garage door have windows? Be extra careful if it does. Windows are easy to smash and the burglar has only to reach inside and release the garage door latch. Remember that we mentioned well-lit garage door spaces and motion sensors? Remember the trimmed hedge and tree branch comments? It’s much easier to spot someone burglarizing a garage door if the area is well lit and cleaned of foliage and debris! For more helpful tips be sure to contact our Marietta Locksmith shop and speak to our helpful and pleasant staff!


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9 Tips To Help Locksmiths Provide Better Customer Service

Customer service is an extremely important facet of any business. It weighs more for companies that provide people with a product or a service. The brand of your company rests squarely on the shoulders of customer service, and bad customer service can ruin a company that has an exemplary product. Customer service extends far beyond products and it helps your customers decide whether they will want to use your services again. In addition to this, good customer service is one of the best forms of free advertising.

Customers that are satisfied with a service will, more often than not, refer you to someone else who might need the same type of assistance. In lieu of this, customers can also give you a good review, which increases the chances of another customer making use of your services. The service that you provide and the way that you provide it, speaks volumes about your business etiquette. As such, every professional locksmith should strive to provide better customer service to his or her clients. When a customer calls a locksmith, it is important to realize that they are in need of help, and the way you handle this can make or break your customer service. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help locksmiths provide much better service.

1. The customer comes first.

As cliché as it sounds, the customer should always take precedence over anything else, especially when they are standing right in front of you. The customer chose you as a locksmith because they trust you, and they want you to help them. There are various reasons why a customer would reach out to a locksmith, but no matter what these reasons are, the customer should be treated with the utmost respect, and their issue should be resolved professionally. One of the first things locksmiths learn in their introduction to locksmithing is the need to always act professionally with a client.

There are many locksmiths who help customers in a distracted fashion. This often leads to a subpar performance. It is important for locksmiths to be locked in while they are working. A professional locksmith should leave all distractions behind and focus solely on the job at hand. This ensures that the job is completed effectively and that the customer is satisfied. It is important for locksmiths to make the right impression on their customer, as their experience will directly impact the rating of your customer service.

2. Punctuality is key.

As a locksmith, punctuality is a key part of your job. It is also an integral part in determining how effective your customer service is. In most lockout situations, the customer is hard pressed for time, and they are very likely agitated or even scared. In cases like this, a locksmith’s punctuality cannot be stressed enough. The customer is depending on you to be there on time to help them.

Punctuality does not only refer to the amount of time it will take a locksmith to respond to a call. It also refers to the amount of time that it takes a locksmith to finish a job. There are locksmiths who spend more than the necessary amount of time to finish jobs so that they can charge customers more. Although the customer might be vulnerable in this time of need, a professional locksmith has to look past this and provide them with the right service, the right way.

Also, in the event that you are not able to make it to a service call on time, make sure that you notify the customer ahead of time. It will show them that you have their best interests at heart, and that you respect them. This will negate the chance of a customer being dissatisfied with your service simply because they spent a great deal of time waiting for you to arrive.

3. A smile goes a long way.

I know, another cliché! However, this one works. A smile truly goes a long way to set your customers at ease, and it will also impact the impression that they have of you. A pleasant attitude and a bright smile will help your customer feel more inclined to trust you. It will also make it easier for you to carry out your job. In many of these situations, customers are on edge because they have been locked out for varying reasons. Many locksmiths understand just how frustrating these situations can be, and with that knowledge they are best suited to help put a customer at ease.

A locksmith that looks happy to do their job is going to attract a lot of customers, because it gives them the impression that you are passionate and knowledgeable about what you are doing, and that you thoroughly enjoy doing it.

4. Help the customer understand.

A huge part of customer service involves being in constant communication with the customer. This helps the service provider, in this case, the locksmith, reassure the customer that they know how to complete the task at hand. This will, in turn, put the customer at ease.

The locksmith industry has been riddled with scams for the past few years. This has led customers to become extremely wary of the locksmith they call. Simply walking the customer through the task at hand is a good way to build rapport. This will reflect positively on the customer service that you provide, and it will leave a lasting impression on your customer.

5. Always be polite and courteous.

The importance of always being polite and courteous to your customers cannot be overstated. There are many customers who feel entitled to a certain decorum because they are paying for a service. And yes, some of them can be annoying. However, as a locksmith, it is important that you focus on providing the customer with excellent service, and do not dwell on how annoying they might be.

In some instances, customers may already be aggravated because of the nature of their lockout, and some might inadvertently take it out on you. A professional locksmith will handle situations like these with grace and tact as they put the job above any secondary issues. It is essential that you handle every situation professionally, so that it does not reflect negatively on the service you provided.

6. Be transparent with your customers

In most cases, a customer will reach out to a locksmith because they are locked out of their car, office or home. It goes without saying that locks play a major role in security, so a customer needs to be able to trust their locksmith. It is imperative for locksmiths to provide the customer with an address, phone number, and other contact information. This will make your business more transparent. It will also let your customers know that you are always available for them. And be sure to provide the customer with an invoice after the service has been rendered. This invoice should have your contact information listed on it.

7. Close the job with a helping hand.

This is one thing that locksmiths and many other service providers fail to do time and time again. Once a service has been rendered, the locksmith shouldn’t just rush to get out of there. It is always best to close a job by asking the customer if there is anything else that you could help them with. This simply shows the customer that you care about their wellbeing and that you are willing to help them further if need be. Service like this leaves an indelible mark upon the minds of customers and they won’t soon forget you.

8. Say thank you and follow up.

Excellent customer service isn’t just provided in the moment. One telltale sign of amazing customer service is that it doesn’t end after the customer is gone. In the case of locksmiths, this is also true. One of the best ways to make sure that a customer is completely satisfied with your service is to give them a follow-up call. This will give you the opportunity to see if they need any more help and it will also give you the chance to thank you to them for using your service. In addition to this, locksmiths can also provide their customers with tips and tricks that will help reduce the chance of a lock out in the future.

This gesture goes a long way to improving the effectiveness of your customer service. It also increases the chance of a customer remembering who you are and the stellar service that you gave them. This tip works more effectively for smaller locksmith businesses that pride themselves in knowing their customers. It will help you retain your current customer base while also helping you expand it.

9. Invest in good people.

Last but not least, investing in an amazing team of people is one of the best ways to help any locksmith provide quality customer service. It is hard to run a locksmith business with just one person unless it is a mobile locksmith service. There are multiple facets of the company that need to be handled by different people in order for things to run smoothly. It is important that locksmiths hire people that exemplify the basic service standards of the company. If you are a customer service oriented locksmith, but the team that surrounds you are not people-friendly, your customer service will take a big hit.

It is crucial for locksmiths to build a team around them, which will treat the customers with care and professionalism. Essentially one of the best ways to provide customer service is to ensure that there are no weak links.


Better Safe than Sorry!

Banks, businesses, and millionaires own safes. But why should regular people like us have a safe? If you’re living in a nice quiet neighborhood, you may think a safe is unnecessary. On the other hand, if you’re in a rather dicey part of town, you’re likely curious about what type of safe would be best. You may still be wondering: What would I put in a safe, anyway? In fact, there are many good reasons you ought to have a home safe ~ some of which you may not have thought of before.

Just about everybody has some sort of treasured objects, irreplaceable heirlooms, collectibles, and important documents. Why take the risk of losing or misplacing them? Here are some crucial points to consider:

Guard against fire. In case of fire, a top-quality safe will guard whatever is inside from destruction by fire. What would happen if you were to lose these crucial items to fire?

  • passports
  • your will
  • safe deposit box keys or any other important keys you rarely use
  • birth certificates
  • copies of your driver’s licenses or other IDs
  • mortgage records
  • documents regarding properties you own
  • rare coins or stamps
  • insurance papers for filing a possible claim
  • tax records
  • a list of family doctors with contact information
  • emergency cash
  • pharmacy and prescription medication information
  • investment documents
  • outstanding loans and other debt records
  • powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, & living wills
  • retirement plans
  • funeral arrangements
  • titles to all your vehicles
  • bank account information

Protect against floods. If a flood should come, or any kind of water-related disaster, when you have the right safe, whatever is inside will remain intact.

You’ll always know where your things are. If you’re prone to losing your stuff, keep all the important items in a safe, and you’ll never misplace them again.

Prevent theft. A safe effectively prevents a thief from stealing your precious possessions. Keeping your most prized items in a safe will provide peace of mind. What if you throw a lot of parties at your home? Do you have a lot of house guests? When large groups come to your home, you can’t possibly keep an eye on every individual. Accordingly, it’s certainly a comfort to know that your cherished items will stay unscathed in your safe.

A safe is better than a safety deposit box. You may think a safety deposit box at your bank is much better than a safe at your place of residence. However, a home safe indeed does give you some advantages:

  • Believe it or not, at a bank, a safe deposit box’s contents are very rarely insured. But your home safe’s items are typically covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.
  • Any cash inside a safety deposit box is not FDIC-insured.
  • You have 24/7 access, rather than just office hours.
  • You’ll make a one-time investment, rather than pay a monthly charge.
  • Your home is private, instead of public, which means anytime you want, you can take items out, and put items back in.
  • Upon the death of a loved one, if you’re the beneficiary, you may think you can open that person’s safe deposit box; however, banks usually seal safety deposit boxes as soon as they get a death certificate, which means you won’t be able to open it until the estate representatives give the bank the court papers.

Keep your family out of harm’s way. If you have any weapons, it’s absolutely imperative that you prevent them from falling into a child’s or intruder’s hands. Avoid danger and tragedy: Be sure no one but you has access to your guns, axes, knives, explosives or any other harmful items.

Restore computer data. Every computer owner knows that you must keep backups of everything on your computer. When you have the date in your safe, if you ever face computer glitches, your files will be fully retrievable. If your computer ever suffers a hard-drive crash, with your backup in your safe, you’ll be able to restore everything.

Preserve family photographs. By the same token, you can keep digital copies of all your beloved family photos inside your home safe, and also keep any older family photos. Such photographic memories are otherwise irreplaceable.

As you do your homework, conduct thorough research so that you can find the perfect safe for your home. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How big should the safe be?
  • Take a good look at the industry standards for fire resistance and water resistance levels.
  • Should the safe be visible or hidden?
  • Where is the most secure location in your home to put the safe?
  • Industry guidelines indicate the security rating for every safe manufacturer. What level of security is best for your circumstances? Do you want something as basic as a combination lock, as sophisticated as a retina scan, or features in between? Do you want a mere metal box? Or substantially anchored?
  • What is your backup plan, if someone misplaces the information needed to open your safe?
  • What company will you contact if there are any technical problems?
  • Which people will you trust to know how to open your safe?
  • Are there additional vital factors to consider for the proper protection of your specific items ~ such as humidity, temperature, light, and so on?

Without a doubt, a home safe will give you countless benefits. Safes are available in numerous brands, sizes, and types. If you have any concerns about which safe to buy, and you reside any place in Marietta, Georgia, you may want to bring all your questions to the mobile safe professionals on staff at KTB Marietta Locksmith, where you can ask for a free consultation at your convenience, before deciding which home safe will be just right for you.

KTB Marietta Locksmith

KTB Marietta Locksmith Experts

Do you require a team of professionals that momentarily how to offer the top security services that you require for your property? Then you require to momentarily one thing: with a quick call to KTB Marietta Locksmith, you will find that without a doubt, KTB Marietta Locksmith shall be there to offer the stellar help that you require at an incredible rate. It is crucial that you call KTB Marietta Locksmith whenever you require KTB Marietta Locksmith to be there to offer the help that you require at an amazing rate, so what are you waiting for? It is imperative that you call KTB Marietta Locksmith momentarily, and once you do? Discover how we plan to secure your property like never before!

Call momentarily: (770) 544-1035

Once you call KTB Marietta Locksmith and educate yourself more about us, KTB Marietta Locksmith shall secure your property. We can offer the top solutions that you require momentarily, so call KTB Marietta Locksmith momentarily to educate yourself about how we can secure your vehicle via the following:

When you require KTB Marietta Locksmith to secure your residential property, then momentarily that we can offer the stellar help that you require via the following:

  • Window locks installed
  • Deadbolt installations

KTB Marietta Locksmith can also secure your commercial property via the following:

  • Security systems installed
  • Master key lock systems installed

Require emergency security services? Call KTB Marietta Locksmith momentarily to educate yourself about:

  • Home lockouts offered
  • Broken keys quickly extracted

KTB Marietta Locksmith services the top brands:

  • Medeco
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Schlage
  • Arrow

Our Marietta locksmith provides the top security solutions:


  • Vehicle lock installations
  • Emergency automobile lockouts


  • Window lock installations
  • Bump-proof locks installed


  • Master key systems installed
  • Lockboxes installed


  • Residential lockouts
  • Broken keys quickly extracted

Call us: (770) 544-1035

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